Buyer and Seller users need to establish a link between their online Auction Edge account and your specific AMS (auction management system), so that they can join simulcast events, represent their cars, use reports, and so much more. We call this very important link a “Handshake”.

Without a handshake at your auction, a user has no ability to bid, buy, or do business online with you at all.

You can see the list of Handshakes that a user has here:

Managing/Adding Member Handshakes

When a Buyer or Seller first signs up on EDGE Pipeline or and EDGE Lookout site, they are walked through a wizard that helps them establish their own handshakes. However, situations may arise where you need to assist your customer with managing / creating a Handshake.

Accounts with AuctionACCESS

If your auction uses AuctionACCESS and requires it for your buyers, then managing buyer Handshakes is done through AuctionACCESS. 

Steps to ensure a user has a handshake with your auction via AuctionACCESS -

  • Search for their accounton the Members page
  • On their member page, look to see if they have AuctionACCESS added their Auction Edge account. 
  • If needed, add AuctionACCESS to their Auction Edge account
  • As long as they are in good standing all AuctionACCESS paperwork is in order, you will now see they have an approved Handshake(s) on their Member page
  • If the Handshake doesn't pop in right away, you can click "Recheck for Handshakes" on the member page. Additionally, the website will check AuctionACCESS for any changes / updates to Handshakes each time the member signs in. This includes sign ins to EDGE Pipeline or any EDGE Lookout site.

Accounts without AuctionACCESS

If your auction doesn’t use AuctionACCESS for buyers, or you want to grant access to Seller Reps who don’t have an AuctionACCESS card, then you can create a Manual Handshake.

Steps to create a manual handshake with your auction -

  • Search for their accounton the Members page
  • On their member page, click the “Manage Handshakes” link
  • Click on the “+” to add a new Handshake
  • Type in the appropriate Dealership Number from your AMS.
  • If you see this user’s name listed as a “Possible Representative”, select their name and click “Link To Member”. You will now see that Handshake listed on the users Member page. You have successfully created a manual Handshake.
  • If you are setting up a Fleet Seller representative, select the “Seller Only / There is no representative for this option”. You have now successfully created a manual Seller-only handshake.
  • If you do NOT see the users name listed as a “Possible Representative”, but they should have privileges to buy and sell, click "Add Representative” to create a new rep option.
    • Provide the representative's name (exactly as it appears in the AMS) and their Rep Number in your AMS. Click “Add”.
    • Now you have created a new valid Representative option. Select it, and then “Save Changes”. 
    • You have now successfully created a manual handshake with the added step of also adding the Rep option.

*These videos below depict the process described above to add a Rep (with buying and selling privileges) without AuctionACCESS.