Member Management is a way for auctions to link Dealers and Reps that have a relationship with the auction to the members that have signed up for Lookout & Pipeline.png.  EDGE Admin uses Handshakes to determine whether a member is authorized to do business with an auction, and tie that member to the known Dealership or Representative.  Member Management is also a way for an auction to manage access to EDGE Admin,Lookout & Pipeline.pngfor auction employees.

Import a Member

  • You may come across the rare scenario where you know that an auction user or a dealer already has an Auction Edge account, but that particular user is not yet associated with your Auction in EDGE Admin. 
  • If this is the case, you can use the "Import Member" feature to search for them and add them as a Member or your auction.

How to navigate to Import a Member?

How to import a member?