Member Management is a way for auctions to link Dealers and Reps that have a relationship with the auction to the members that have signed up for Lookout & Pipeline.png.  EDGE Admin uses Handshakes to determine whether a member is authorized to do business with an auction, and tie that member to the known Dealership or Representative.  Member Management is also a way for an auction to manage access to EDGE Admin, Lookout & Pipeline.pngfor auction employees.

Creating a new Dealer Member

Use the Create New Member action to create an account to assist a dealer/rep customer. It's the dark blue "+" shown in the animation below. On the subsequent "Adding a new Member" page, select "User" as the user type. This will create the new user that can then be upgraded to Dealer status via AuctionACCESS or by manually Adding A Handshake.

How to create a new Auction Staff member?

[Note:On the "Adding a new Member" page, select  "Project Master" as the user type. This will give the new user full access to administrate your auction on EDGE Admin.]