In EDGE Pipeline & EDGE Lookout, you can create and manage Closed Sale groups.

You can then assign these groups to sale events, making the event "closed" to that group only. Dealers in that closed group will be the only ones allowed to join that event's live Simulcast sale. All users will still be able to browse the inventory in EDGE Pipeline & EDGE Lookout- This feature is about preventing unauthorized buyers from joining the sale via Simulcast.

NOTE: The "Closed Sale Groups" feature is hidden/disabled for auctions by default, as most do not need it. If you need it activated for your auction, please reach out to the Auction Edge support team and we will turn it on immediately.

This article will cover

  1. Creating a new Closed Sale Group
  2. Adding dealerships / customers to a Closed Sale group
  3. Applying that Closed Sale Group to an event

Creating a new Closed Sale Group

Once this feature is activated for your action, navigate to Online Sale --> Closed Sale Groups in EDGE Admin.

Use the "Create a New Closed Group" and give your new group a name. For example, "GM Factory Sale".

Adding dealerships / customers to a Closed Sale group

You will be brought to the "Dealer Management" page for the group you just created. From here you can get to work adding Dealer Account Numbers for those that should be part of the group. These are account numbers from your AMS (auction management system). You can add multiple at once, comma or space separated.

Applying that Closed Sale Group to an event

Now that you have created a Closed Sale Group, you need to apply that group to an event. This well limit the event to allow only the Closed Group members to be able to enter the designated event.

  • Navigate to Auction Info --> Events.
  • Select an existing event, an event template, or create a new single event that you want to make "closed".
  • While creating / editing the selected event or template, scroll to the bottom of the edit window and select the appropriate Closed Sale Group.
  • Click Save to apply this change.

That event / template will now be closed to all dealers except the ones in the closed group.