Events is used to set up sale and non-sale events. You have the ability to set up a template for a recurring event, or can manually set up an event for a specific date. 

How to set up a single event?

  • On the events "Calendar" tab, click the small blue "+" inside a specific calendar day. The plus icon will appear in the upper left corner of the day's "box" when you hover your mouse over that day.
  • Select a Template you'd like to use, OR select "Manually Enter" to fill in the details for your single event.

[Note: For EDGE Lookout sites only: Creating "Single" events is a good way to communicate to customers for non-sale events, as well.  For example: "Closed on Thanksgiving, Moving Normal Sale Day to Friday" could be the title of a non-sale event. This would show on the events calendar and be a nice communication to you dealers.]