What are Handshakes, and Why do you need one?

As a buyer and seller, you need to establish a link between your edge pipeline account and the auction, so that they can join simulcast events, represent your cars, use reports, and so much more. We call this very important link a “Handshake”.

Without a handshake at an auction, you will have no ability to bid, buy, or do business online.

New Handshake

If you are in need of a handshake for an auction. You will need to contact to auction directly to ensure you are registered with the auction and for them to establish your handshake for you. 

You can use the Auction Directory on Edge Pipeline to find the auctions contact information: https://www.edgepipeline.com/components/location/list

AuctionACCESS Fees Due 

If your AuctionACCESS number is attached to your Edge Pipeline account, the auction uses AuctionACCESS and your membership fees are due. You will see the below message when logging into Edge Pipeline. 

You will need to contact AuctionACCESS at (205) 545-5612 to renew your membership. Once this has been renewed, the message at the top says “click here” will take you right to the page to re-add your 100 million number. 

Please Note: Once your member has been renewed, it may take up to 24 hours to be updated from AuctionACCESS to all the appropriate systems. 

If you decide to not renew your AuctionACCESS membership, can call support at (800) 522-8404 to have your AuctionACCESS number removed. This will remove any Handshakes that have been established with your AuctionACCESS information. You will have to reach out to each auction individually to inform them that you have decided to discontinue the use of auction access and that you will need to establish a new handshake with the auction. Below is a screenshot of how the handshakes will look in Edge Admin if you membership fees are due and the handshakes are controlled by AuctionACCESS.