This short video highlights 4 different easy ways to access Simulcast from Pipeline.

An EDGE Pipeline account is required to access Simulcast sales.  To signup for a free EDGE Pipeline account, review this how-to guide.


Accessing Simulcast from Pipeline Video

There are four different areas/ways where you can access Simulcast from Pipeline (shown in video below).

To get started: use your Edge credentials to sign into EDGE Pipeline, then scroll down to locate the auction location and sale event you want to attend.

Ways to Attend Simulcast:

  • Immediately beside the event time, you will see a button that allows you to attend the simulcast sale.

  • You can also click the auction name to view presale reports. Under the sale description, one of the buttons you see allows you to attend the simulcast sale.

  • Additionally, clicking any lane will show you the list of vehicles running in that lane. Next to each vehicle listing there is a link to attend the simulcast sale

  • And finally clicking on any vehicle opens the vehicle description page which contains a similar button to attend the simulcast sale. 

Clicking any of these links opens a confirmation box, Click attend and you’re in! Simulcast uses flash player, so pay attention to any prompts from your web browser indicating you need to enable this plugin.

Accessing Simulcast from Pipeline Video

Additional Help and Support:

Auction Edge offers first rate technical support to our subscribing customer auctions. Our dedicated support staff is available Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm EST.

Help Desk (Toll Free): 800.522.8404

Support Portal: https://support.auctionedge.com/