1: Go to www.edgepipeline.com and click on Sign Up for Free! (might need to scroll down the page)


2: On the next page enter your email address. 

2a: If an account exists, on the next page you can enter your password or click Forgot Password.

2b: If no account is found, click Continue for your user type (Dealer or Public).


3: Complete the Membership Information form(s) for your user type.

4: **Email verification**: a popup will appear telling you that an email was just sent to you. Go find that email and click on the Validate link. You must do this in order to attend Simulcast. 

5: AuctionACCESS members will automatically be allow to enter the sale audience (if unable to attend, please contact the auction). If you registered as a Dealer without AuctionACCESS, a Seller Rep, or a Public user you must contact the auction to complete your attendance setup.