*Auction Edge does not help setup nor troubleshoot the following. Please partner with your IT company*


The Velocicast Clerk Screen has to be run on the same network (LAN) as the ASI/AOS Server. There are two ways to accomplish remote clerking, via remote access software (LogMeIn, Teamviewer...etc or a VLAN connection.

Remote Access Software:

Your IT company will setup remote access to the block computer you'll be using. Solution like LogMeIn/Teamviewer will allow the clerk to control the block computer. The clerk can then be on a phone will with the auctioneer so they can communicate in as real-time as possible. Someone at the auction will still need to setup the block for the sale.


Your IT company will setup a connection that has to be run on the clerks remote computer. Once connected, they can use the web browser on their computer to open the Clerk Screen in Edge Admin since the clerks computer will be on the same network as the ASI/AOS server. We also recommend the clerk setup a call with the auctioneer.

Best Practices

Clerk and auctioneer should use a noise canceling headset during the phone call. For example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VV1XY5W?ref=nb_sb_ss_w_as-reorder-t1_ypp_rep_k2_1_5&amp=&crid=34ZBB5UC5BTUJ&sprefix=yeali&th=1

Familiarize yourself with the light system of the auction you are clerking for.

Ask about any required announcements or any unique vernacular that is specific to the auction. An example of this is the different types of certifications and pre-sale inspections.

Clerk should also have the Viewer (Edge Admin) running to watch the sale while clerking. This allows you to verify you are on the correct car. It also allows for more a feel of what is going on during the sale itself.

Additional Help and Support:

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