Here are a few quick reminders about how Proxy Bids are managed in Pipeline and Velocicast. Please share this information with your auctioneers, block clerks, and anyone who manages your online sale event.

Q: How Early Can Proxy Bids Get Entered?

Proxy Bids can be entered in Pipeline as soon as a vehicle is assigned a Run Number in your AMS for the Active Event set in EDGE Admin. Proxy Bids remain in Pipeline where dealers can modify or remove them as desired until your sale day.

Q: When Do They Get Shipped?

Proxy Bids are shipped to Velocicast 10 minutes before your Event start time in EDGE Admin. If you adjust your Online Sale settings to override the start time for an individual lane, any proxy bids in that lane will ship 10 minutes before that custom lane start time. 

Q: What if I Start the Sale Early?

We do not suggest starting your sale more than 10 minutes early. If you do start your sale early, Proxy Bids will still only ship 10 minutes before the set start time. Any vehicles that run before Proxy Bids have shipped to Velocicast, will not have the opportunity for the system to bid.

Q: Will Proxy Bids Automatically Clear with a Light or Announcement Change?

Pipeline and Simulcast do not automatically delete a proxy bid if there is a change to lights or announcements. If a change is made on the block, the Simulcast clerk will display a prompt asking if the clerk would like to Delete proxy bids because of the change. 

Clicking Delete will delete proxy bids on that vehicle. Clicking Cancel will ignore the alert. If a rep clicks Cancel by mistake, they can click the X beside the number of Pre-bids to delete proxy bids.

To remove proxy bids BEFORE the sale has begun, see: Online Sale - Delete Proxy Bids