Auctions can now list outside-the-gate inventory straight from the dealer’s lot. Your dealer’s DMS can send vehicles through Spark into your EDGE AMS inventory where you can include them in your simulcast sales or offer 24/7 via the Pipeline marketplace.


  1. Submit a request to support@auctionedge.com including your auction name, the dealership account # and point of contact. An Edge team member will coordinate with you and your dealer on the technology setup. 

    NOTE: Edge is currently able to integrate with vAuto. If your dealer uses vAuto, we will be able to set up this feature within an estimated 3 weeks.

  1. Add the DMS Vehicle card to your Spark dashboard

  2. From the DMS Vehicle card, select the desired vehicles and click “SEND TO AMS

  3. Selected vehicles will now show up in inventory status in ASI and are available to be lined up for a future sale.

Additional Help and Support:

Auction Edge offers first rate technical support to our subscribing customer auctions. Our dedicated support staff is available Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm EST.

Help Desk (Toll Free): (800) 522-8404

Support Portal: https://support.auctionedge.com/