This article highlights best practices to avoid having 'orphaned vehicles'.  'Orphaned vehicles' are vehicles that are set for sale, but their run number does not coincide/is outside of the ranges defined for a specific lane so they do not show in run lists and are not able to be purchased by dealers.

There are a couple of reasons auctions may have orphaned vehicles and I’ll go over both with setup best practices in EDGE Admin. When an auction consigns a vehicle to a sale date the vehicle data processes as follows: AMS>Pipeline>Velocicast. In order to sell those vehicles via Velocicast the Lane/Run Range must exist in the Virtual Lot. That leaves the two reasons they may not have vehicles in Velocicast, the Lane/Run Range was not mapped and/or the Lane/Run Range was excluded in the Virtual Lot.

Example: Lane 2, Run Range(s) between 1-100 are GSA units.  A GSA unit is assigned a Run Number of 101.  The vehicle assigned 101 (or anything outside of the 1-100 range) will not appear in your sale because the lane is only look for vehicles between 1-100.


Best practices for mapping Lanes/Run Ranges in EDGE Admin:

  • Anytime a new Lane/Run Range is added to the AMS it must also be mapped in EDGE Admin in order to use it in a Virtual Lot.
  • You must first consign a vehicle in the new Lane/Run Range before it can be mapped (the vehicle is sent to EDGE Admin with the new Lane/Run Range).
  • This knowledge article explains how to map Lanes/Run Ranges once a vehicle has been sent to EDGE Admin consigned to the new Lane/Run Range.

In order to sell vehicles in the new Lane/Run Range it must be added to a Virtual Lot. Best practice is to add the entire range to the Virtual Lot (Example A 1-999) even if you don’t anticipate consigning that many vehicles. Most orphaned vehicles are happening because only a small range was added to a Virtual Lot initially  (Example A 1-100) and now more vehicles are being consigned than added to the Virtual Lot (101, 102….etc). Another setup that may lead to confusion is splitting a Lot/Run Range into multiple Virtual Lots (Virtual Lot A – A 1-100…..Virtual Lot B – A 101-500). This can be done but we recommend this process only for advanced users.  Learn more here!

Additional Help and Support:

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