Processing Vehicles for EBlock Timed (Hourly) Events

This product will be used in addition to listing inventory on the Pipeline/Marketplace BNMO and Multi-List channels. Please modify the expiration dates for inventory going onto EBlock to avoid double sales. After the EBlock event, list any EBlock No Sales back into BNMO and Multi-List channels.

Initial Setup (must be completed prior to first sale event)

  1. Create an EB lane in your AMS 
  2. Create (weekly) sale event(s) in your AMS
  3. Please contact Auction Edge Support to schedule a time when we can will work with you to create and configure your virtual lot in Edge Admin
    • Register a test car in the EB lane in your AMS
    • In EDGE Admin > Lane Maintenance, create an EB lane 
    • An Edge team member will then create your EB virtual lot in EDGE Admin
    • In EDGE Admin, map the EB run range to the virtual lot. If you have questions about this step, consult the individual at your auction who manages sending inventory for your Simulcast sale in EDGE Admin.
  4. Create (weekly) events in Edge Admin.
    • CRITICAL: Ensure the end time for the event is accurate
    • It is recommended to setup a new event template that can be applied weekly to event days in the Events section of Edge Admin
  5. In EDGE Admin,
    • In Online Sale > EBlock, set only the EB Virtual Lot to the EBlock event
    • In Online Sale > EBlock, View/Ship Inventory

What you should do Before and After the EBlock Event

Before the EBlock Event:

Step 1: Perform Lot turn in your AMS and in EDGE Admin

  • NOTE: If you perform Lot Turn in your AMS on sale day, you will not be able to view a no sale list on Pipeline or your website. These vehicles will instead become pre-sale vehicles for EBlock.

Step 2: In the AMS, line up desired inventory on an EB run number 

  • Vehicles will automatically be shipped to EBlock from the EB lane. 
  • If a vehicle needs to be removed from an EBlock event, remove it from an EB run number, and it will automatically delist from EBlock (can take up to 5 min).

After the EBlock Event:

Step 3: Work any IF bids/Offers

  • The Pending tab in EBlock contains offers submitted by Buyers

  • Work IFs or Offers as you normally do by contacting the seller directly. 

  • Enter counter offers and mark any accepted offers in the EBlock app

Step 4: Download sale results from EBlock

Step 5: Sales will record automatically in the AMS

  • Note: based on initial setup and testing, an Edge team member will advise you if you initially need to sell the vehicle in ASI (via 1-3-3 menu)

Step 6: In the AMS, any remaining vehicles from the EB lane can be re-listed on BNMO or LM (before the next lot turn) with the standard expiration date/time

  • If posting through EDGE Admin (Web Info > Buy Now/Make Offer) on the same day after the EBlock event, use the Today tab to Add All to Workspace and follow auction listing practice
  • Note: the Today tab only appears when there is a sale event for the current day 

Step 7: Perform Lot Turn in the AMS. Point to the next upcoming sale event

Reference Documents

Additional Help and Support

Your Auction Edge and EBlock support teams are available to offer first-rate technical support to our subscribing customer auctions. 

In addition to your auction’s EBlock Coach and Edge Assistant, technical support teams are available Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm EST.

For questions about the EBlock app or service, please call EBlock Support: (833) EBLOCK1

For questions about EDGE ASI, Pipeline, or Edge Admin, please call Auction Edge Help Desk: (800) 522-8404