Due to changes brought on by COVID-19, some auctions may need to temporarily stop running their weekly events. This document provides a recommendation for what to do with your Pipeline presence.

You will need to remove any upcoming events that have been canceled. Since it is not possible to delete a Pipeline event that has active Virtual Lots, the recommended solution is to point your virtual lots to a future date. Then you will be allowed to delete upcoming events.

Solutions Steps:

1: Log into Edge Admin at https://gascap.autolookout.net/

2: Click on Events, then use the calendar to add a future event to use as a placeholder

3: Under Online Sale category, click on Edge Simulcast, and Set Active Event

After Set Active Event, use the dropdown to select your future event to use for all virtual lots, then click Set Event

4: Finally, return to Events, and on the calendar hover over upcoming weekly and/or daily events. Click the red ‘x’ to delete any upcoming events that you need to cancel. 


If you want to list your vehicles for Buy Now / Make Offer on Pipeline, do not move them back to inventory in your AMS. Either leave them as No Sales or line them up for a future sale.

Additional Help and Support:

Auction Edge offers first rate technical support to our subscribing customer auctions. Our dedicated support staff is available Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm EST.

Help Desk (Toll Free): (800) 522-8404

Support Portal: https://support.auctionedge.com/