Here are suggested links for cameras, power supply, and the audio/video capture card.  These will connect to the block PC in each lane. 

Basic Minimum System Requirements for a block PC:


• Windows 7 or 10

• Intel Core i3 processor or better

• 3 USB ports

• Interanl PCIe slot (if using internal video capture card)

• Enough display ports for all block monitors and lane displays (HDMI is standard) 

Camera : 2.1MP 1080p 4-in-1 HD TVI / AHD / CVI / CVB 1200TVL CCTV Outdoor Bullet Security Camera

Camera DC Adapter:

Capture Card (Internal): Osprey 210e Video Capture Card:


Capture Card (USB): Dazzle DVCPTENAM adaptor:


Capture Card (USB): Adesso AV-200 adaptor:

Note: If you're replacing a block computer please install Chrome (our preferred browser). You can test the video feed by going to if you see the video in that site then it will work in Velocicast. To test the mic: Go to Windows Audio settings and select the correct mic input. If you see the mic level going up and down when testing from the auctioneer mic then we will be able to use that input for Velocicast.