There are instances where you may want to provide a link to a list of specific inventory on EDGE Pipeline / Lookout. Maybe you'd like to send a link of all the cars at your auction being offered by a specific consignor.

How to create a link for a specific consignor or lane

1. Go to that consignor or lane within your auction's upcoming event on EDGE Pipeline / Lookout. Find the consignor or lane, and right click on it.

2. Your browser will present you with the option to "Copy Link Address". Note: the name of this command may be a bit different depending on which browser you use. In this example we're using Google Chrome.

You now have link to that consignor's inventory, but only in that specific sale event. Move on the step 3 to edit this URL so you can use it for all sale events. 

3. Paste the URL into a new tab, or a note for your own keeping. Edit the pasted URL to remove the sale date constraint, so that you can use this URL each week without ever needing to edit it.

The edited URL in this example should end up being-

That link is now going to load a list of all Pre Sale (assigned to sale) inventory at your auction that belongs to that specific consignor.