Sale Setup

Create an event template or a one time event, and be sure to select the type as both "Public" and "Sale".

  • NOTE: You can have 2 events on the same day. This is recommended for auctions that want one event for dealers only and another that allows the public to bid online on the same day.

Navigate to your Online Sale, click Events

On the following page. set the appropriate Simulcast Virtual Lot(s) to "point to" the new Public Event you just created.

Using the Public Badge List

Navigate to your Online Sale.

Click Bidder Badges.

Click the Public Badges tab.

This is where you will be able to build you Public Bidder Badge List. 

  • Issue the Public Buyer a bidder badge in your auction system
  • On the Public Badge list page, fill in the form for the public bidder, with the corresponding bidder badge number you just assigned them in your AMS.
  • The bidder should now be able to navigate to your auction and attend the sale by entering their Last Name and Access Code. They will be entered into Simulcast with the Bidder Badge and credit limit you assigned them on the Public Badges list.