At-A-Glance is list of notifications on the HOME page that needs to be reviewed by the auction's admin. 

Requested Registrations

What is the requested registration notification?

  • This is a list of all of the members of your site which claim to be dealers, but have not yet been linked to a dealer in your system. 
  • They have been placed in order of the age of request starting with the members who have been in the list the longest. 
  • A member will be colored differently depending on the age of the request: less than a week old, 7 to 30 days old, and more than 30 days old. 

There are three main choices you are given for each member: 


[When you feel the member is not valid and has no right to use your website.]
When clicked, the member will no longer be able to log into your website.


[When you feel the member should not register with you, but still want them to be able to log into your website.]
When clicked, the member will be given the privileges of a unregistered member.


[When you know the member is already registered with you.]
When clicked, you will be directed to a form where you can link his account to a dealer in your system.

How to navigate to Requested Registration?