The “Online Sale” component is where you manage your Simulcast sale. Use this section to configure your online lanes, launch your EDGE Simulcast components, monitor your live sale performance, and view reports.  To navigate to the page that we will use for these actions and reports, go to Online Sale → EDGE Simulcast.

Virtual Lots

In EDGE Admin, Virtual Lots are your Simulcast Lanes. (Note: Virtual Lots can be used for a number of different things, but the primary use is for Simulcast lanes). You configure these Virtual Lots to group vehicles into your Simulcast lanes using "criteria". 

Virtual Lots are independent from your Lane Mappings

  • Lane Mappings are used to configure how you want to present your units / lanes in EDGE Pipeline & EDGE Lookout.
  • Virtual Lots are used to configure how you want to present your units / lanes in EDGE Simulcast.

Many auctions may choose to configure your Lane Mappings and Virtual Lots very similarly. However, they are kept as totally independent systems to grant the auction the most possible control over how the inventory is presented in the two different venues.

Adding vehicles to a Virtual Lot

Virtual Lots use “criteria” to know which vehicles belong within each virtual lot.

Once criteria is set within a Virtual Lot, it will be remembered week over week. This is "set it and forget it", it is not a weekly task.

With a Virtual Lot expanded, click "ADD CRITERIA" to be brought to this screen-

The most common type of criteria to use is “Run Numbers” (sometimes referred to as “run ranges”). NOTE: You do need to input a Start Lot (like "1") and an End Lot (like "999").

You can stack multiple criteria within one Virtual Lot.

You can also add criteria based on Seller ID(s) or a list of Stock Numbers.

As you are adding criteria, click APPLY to set your criteria while still staying on the page to continue adding more. When you are done adding all criteria, click SAVE.

Adding More Virtual Lots

You may not have enough Virtual Lots to represent the number of lanes you Simulcast. Virtual Lots are added to your auction’s account by an Auction Edge Customer Service Representative. If you need additional Virtual Lots added (eg. to facilitate adding a new Simulcast lane), please contact EDGE Support.

Moving Run Ranges from one Virtual Lot to another

You may need to move a run range from one Virtual Lot to another for any reason. Follow these instructions to the letter, and preferably at least one hour before the scheduled start time of your sale.  

1. Delete the run range from the current virtual lot and click save. 

2. View/Ship Inventory.

3. Wait at least 5 minutes. 

4. Add the run range to the new or correct virtual lot and click save. 

5. View/Ship Inventory.

6. Verify the run range appears in the correct virtual lot, one of two ways:

     1-On the Velocicast Admin Monitoring screen OR

     2-On the Block Clerk Screen, the vehicle count in the lower center of the screen (if clerk screen already up, refresh the page first)