The “Online Sale” component is where you manage your Simulcast sale. Use this section to configure your online lanes, launch your EDGE Simulcast components, monitor your live sale performance, and view reports.  To navigate to the page that we will use for these actions and reports, go to Online Sale → EDGE Simulcast.

Setting Up Your Block On Sale Day

On sale day, you will need to set up your blocks that use EDGE Simulcast by launching the Clerk, Steamer, and Floorscreen(s). It is generally recommended that you setup your Simulcast blocks at least 1 hour before the event start.

To launch the Clerk, Steamer, and Floorscreens(s) sign into EDGE Admin on your block PC and navigate to Online Sale → EDGE Simulcast.

You will then see the following screen, with all of your Virtual Lots (Simulcast Lanes) available. Click the name of the appropriate lane to expand it's Virtual Lot, which will reveal the "launch" buttons for the various simulcast components. Click the desired component(s) to launch them, then drag them to the desired monitor / display. 

You may need to resize or "full screen" the various windows. You have now set up your Simulcast block!