The “Online Sale” component is where you manage your Simulcast sale. Use this section to configure your online lanes, launch your EDGE Simulcast components, monitor your live sale performance, and view reports.  To navigate to the page that we will use for these actions and reports, go to Online Sale → EDGE Simulcast.

Before your sale day comes, it’s important to have your Simulcast configured correctly. This is so your online buyers have a chance to jump into you simulcast lanes, even days before the auction, to set up max bids or watched items. Also, this is a necessary step to enable Proxy Bidding for you next upcoming event.

Setting the “Next Sale” to be your active sale event

Setting your "Next Sale" is a critical weekly task.

The “Next Sale” stat shows which event is currently designated as the active “next up” event. If it reads “Not currently set”, use the EVENTS button to select the correct upcoming event as the active one.

On the EVENTS page, you have option of globally assigning all of your Virtual Lots (eg “Simulcast Lanes”) to a single event, or individually assigning lanes to different sale events. 

Now you can see the upcoming event is set, and the Virtual Lots are assigned to it.

We recommend that as soon as your sale is over, you use this page and immediately set it to the following sale event.