NOTE: For auctions coming from Legacy Pipeline to "Pipeline 2", this section on EDGE Admin will not be available to you until the day after your last sale on Legacy Pipeline. For example if your sale day is Wednesday, you will be given access to this page on the Thursday before cut over (Dec 8th) to begin testing.

The “Online Sale” component is where you manage your Simulcast sale. Use this section to configure your online lanes, launch your EDGE Simulcast components, monitor your live sale performance, and view reports. 

To navigate to the page that we will use for these actions and reports, go to Online Sale → EDGE Simulcast.

You will then see the Online Sale / EDGE Simulcast page-

  1. Stats Section

    1. Next Sale

      1. This is used to show you which event is currently designated as the active “next up” event. If it reads “Not currently set”, use the EVENTS button to select the correct upcoming event as the active one.

    2. Users with Permissions

      1. If you have manually granted permission to any users to join your online sale (outside of the typical handshakes), you can see the count here, as well as remove those manual permissions. Note- this will not impact users with standard handshakes.

    3. Last Transmission

      1. This notes the last time EDGE Admin has sent data to EDGE Simulcast (or whichever simulcast vendor you use).

  2. Reports / Actions

    1. Events

      1. Use EVENTS to designate the next active event. We recommend that as soon as your sale is over, you use this page and immediately set it to the following sale event. Read More Here.

    2. Bidder Badges

      1. Shows a list of approved buyers, and allows you to manually assign them a Bidder Badge. This would not be the typical flow, as Badges should mostly be assigned automatically, however it can be useful in some scenarios. Most auction won’t need to use this most of the time.

    3. Logins

      1. A report that shows when users logged into your sale.

    4. Sale Monitor

      1. A real-time sale day performance overview / dashboard.

    5. Simulcast Report

      1. A more detailed report of your simulcast sale.

    6. Bid Log Report

      1. Logs of every action that occurred throughout your simulcast sale.

  3. Virtual Lots (Lanes)

    1. These represent your lanes, online. Expand them to launch your sale day EDGE Simulcast components, like the Clerk, Floor Screens, Steamer, etc. You can also manage the lane's "Criteria", which is the run ranges (and other possible criteria) used to designate which vehicles show online in Simulcast lanes.