Buy Now/Make Offer is a way to list vehicles on for Make Offer and Buy Now.  

  • There are seven sections under Buy Now/Make Offer that refer to different states that a vehicle can be in:
    • ACTIVE - Vehicles listed here are actively list on for people to Make Offer or Buy Now
    • PRE-SALES - This is a list of vehicle that are currently listed for Pre-Sale in the AMS and , and are separated by sale date
    • NO-SALES - This section is a list of vehicles that are No-Sales in the AMS and ,and are separated by sale date
    • EXPIRED - Vehicles listed here have expired from the ACTIVE listing state, and the date and time that was chosen when listing the vehicle has expired
    • PENDING - Vehicle listed here have a pending Make Offer or Buy Now from a person(s)
    • SEARCH - Vehicles can be searched by Stock Number and Dealership Account Number
    • TODAYVehicles listed here are for the current day's sale [Note: This section will only show up on the Sale Day.]
    • WORKSPACE - The WORKSPACEsection is where an auction user can assign markup values, set expiration dates, and add a comment to a vehicle
      • Each WORKSPACE is unique to each person logged into Edge Admin 
      • Vehicles listed in a person's WORKSPACE is in a state of limbo until you save it to be offered for Make Offer or Buy Now
      • When the WORKSPACE is cleared before saving, the vehicle(s) will return back to the state they were previously

How to search for a vehicle in Buy Now/Make Offer?

[Note: Vehicles can be searched by Stock Number or Dealership Account Number.]