Buy Now/Make Offer is a way to list vehicles on EDGE Pipeline for Make Offer and Buy Now.  This knowledge article provides general information on how to use EDGE Admin to list Buy Now/Make offer vehicles on EDGE Pipeline and how to process sold units within your EDGE AMS platform.

Key Sections in EDGE Admin

There are seven sections under Buy Now/Make Offer that refer to different states that a vehicle can be in:

  • ACTIVE - Vehicles listed here are actively list on EDGE Pipeline for people to Make Offer or Buy Now

  • PRE-SALES - This is a list of vehicle that are currently listed for Pre-Sale in the AMS and EDGE Pipeline, and are separated by sale date

  • NO-SALES - This section is a list of vehicles that are No-Sales in the AMS and EDGE Pipeline ,and are separated by sale date

  • EXPIRED - Vehicles listed here have expired from the ACTIVE listing state, and the date and time that was chosen when listing the vehicle has expired

  • PENDING - Vehicle listed here have a pending Buy Now from a person(s) - *This section used to be called "OFFERS"

  • SEARCH - Vehicles can be searched by Stock Number and Dealership Account Number

  • TODAY - Vehicles listed here are for the current day's sale Note: This section will only show up on the Sale Day.

  • WORKSPACE - The WORKSPACE section is where an auction user can assign markup values, set expiration dates, and add a comment to a vehicle
    • Each WORKSPACE is unique to each person logged into Edge Admin

    • Vehicles listed in a person's WORKSPACE is in a state of limbo until you save it to be offered for Make Offer or Buy Now

    • When the WORKSPACE is cleared before saving, the vehicle(s) will return back to the state they were previously

How to List Vehicles?

First you need to select the vehicles that you want to list for "Buy Now/Make Offer", and group them all together a place we call the WORKSPACE. You will then create the appropriate settings for the vehicles in the WORKSPACE before actually listing them as live "Buy Now/Make Offer" listings.

Adding vehicles to your Workspace

1. Navigate to Buy Now/Make Offer:

2. Navigate to either the PRE-SALE or NO-SALE tab, then choose the date from the drop down.

3. Add vehicles to the WORKSPACE


  • Clicking on Add all to Workspace.png will add all vehicles listed

  • Clicking on Plus small.pngwill add one vehicle at a time

  • By clicking on the Description at the top of each column you can reorder the vehicles by the desired field]


Setting the "Buy Now" price for your vehicles

  • In the Workspace, you can manually set the "Buy Now Price" for each vehicle.

  • Alternatively, you have the option to use the Mark Up field.

  • Mark Up is a quick way to set the "Buy Now Price" in a more automated fashion. It calculates your Mark Up value against the Floor Price of the vehicle.

  • [Important: Ensure that the Floor Price is not $0 when applying markup values. The vehicle will be listed at the wrong Buy Now value.]

Option 1: To apply a markup value to all vehicles in the WORKSPACEuse the "Overall Markup" field at the top of the Workspace.

Note: Markups can be applied with a % amount or a $ amount.

Option 2: Applying a markup to each individual vehicle.

  • Use the Markup field for an individual vehicle in their row.

Note: Markups can be applied with a % amount or a $ amount.

Setting an expiration date to a vehicle or vehicles:

Option 1: Setting an expiration date to all vehicles in the WORKSPACE.

Option 2: Setting an expiration date to each individual vehicle.

"Save" to list your vehicles for sale

Listing Vehicle(s) for Buy Now/Make Offer


  • Once all the markups have been applied and the expiration dates have been set, then the vehicle(s) can be listed by clicking Save.png. Your vehicle will now be available for Buy Now and Make Offer.

  • All vehicle that are set to Buy Now will automatically also be available as Make Offer.

  • Clicking on Clear Workspace.png will return all vehicles to their previous state. (i.e. PRE-SALE or NO-SALE)

Selling Vehicles in your Auction Management System

Note: Vehicles sold via Buy Now/Make Offer are not automatically sold in your AMS. 

When a customer clicks on Buy Now, the vehicle is placed in the Pending section of the Buy Now/Make Offer area in EDGE Admin, and an auto generated email is sent to the people you have listed in the EDGE Admin Contacts that have Buy Now and Online Sales checked.  This article goes over the Contacts section. Only an email goes out to the auction when an Offer is placed.

The auto generated email sent to your designated contact person(s) at your auction will have the contact information of the purchaser.  We recommend contacting the customer to verify the sale. Once the sale is verified, then manually sell the vehicle in your AMS using your auctions policy for selling cars (special run range, taking the vehicle out of a current sale....etc).

Additional Help and Support

Auction Edge offers first rate technical support to our subscribing customer auctions. Our dedicated support staff is available Monday through Friday, 7am to 8pm EST.

Help Desk (Toll Free): (800) 522-8404

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