Velocicast Auction Admins can create users to attend a sale without authentication from the auction's AMS or to attend outside of Pipeline.  While this will insert a dealer into the simulcast the auction may not be able to sell vehicles to their AMS as there is no authentication between systems.  However, the auction can reconcile the online sales later in the day.

1. Log in to the Velcociast admin page

2. Select the Users tab and click Add to create a new user 

3. Select "Attendee" as the User Type

4. Enter email address

5. Enter First and Last name

6. Select "Dealer" under Permissions

7. Click Save

The system will send an email to the dealer to confirm their account.

Continue to enter bidder data

8. Click "Add Bidder"

9. Enter the badge number issues by the auction's AMS

10. Enter the Dealership Name

11. Enter the internal dealership/customer number from the AMS

12. Enter a Credit Limit for the attendee

13. Click Save

While the system has sent a confirmation email the dealer's new account.  A Backdoor can be sent the will allow the dealer to attend.  A pre-defined password and link will be sent to the dealer.

14.  Click 'Backdoor Invite"

15.  Enter the expiration date of the invite password (day after sale day).

16.  Click Send and a new email with attendee link and a temporary password will be sent to the dealer.