This solution shows how to use the EDGE Simulcast Clerk program. See attached for a printable PDF version if needed. 

“Activate Clerk” Dialogue :

Be sure to select the correct  physical lane number, or the the program will give an error when attempting to sell the first car. 

Sale date should be automatically  set to today’s sale, but if it is not, please select the correct date. Enter the auctioneers 

initials  Log in with your ASI user name and password. The password must be between 6 and 10 characters long and is 

case sensitive.

To change the auctioneer or clerk user, you can return to this dialogue any time by clicking the Set Sale button above the EDGE Simulcast logo.

After logging in, you will need to Activate Bidding before the auction can begin. This button is in the Auction Status box in the middle of the clerk screen. 

Keyboard Shortcuts:

F1 - Next Vehicle

F2 - Previous Vehicle

F3 - Re-Run Vehicle

F4 - Reverse Sale

F5 - Activate (or Suspend) Bidding

F7 - Sell Vehicle

F8 - No-Sale

F9 - Offer (IF)

on the 10-key section of the  keyboard:

+ (plus) key - bid up

(or accept proposed bid)

- (minus) key- undo last bid

Amount of time to charge: N/A