This tutorial offers instruction in changing the defined BOS printer for any of your lanes that use the EDGE Simulcast Single Clerk block selling program.

The printer for each of your lanes is defined in a small admin website that is used to configure you Single Clerk system.  This webpage is available from any computer on your same network as your auction's ASI server.  

1. To access the Single Clerk configuration webpage, you will need to know the IP address of your ASI Server.  To discover this, launch ASI from the desktop.  The "System i signon" dialogue should provide you withe the IP address of the server, as is shown here.


2. Open a web browser and go to replacing "" with your ASI server's IP address.  

3. You will be greeted the EDGE Simulcast Web Service web page.  Click the button to access the Configuration Page.

4. The following page will allow you to update the BOS Printer for each individual lane.  It is important to note- after you change a lane and click "Update" the clerk on the block will need to log out, and then log back into the block selling program to take effect.  This is because the printer is set when the user logs in, not each time a vehicle is sold.