Let's go into how we do reports a little bit...

The Structure

A single auction website


A multi-auction group website


The stuff in {curly} are required variables.  Stuff in [bracket] is optional.

Here's an example of one in action. - https://www.independentauctions.com/components/report/postsale/view/richmondaa/2016/1/15

That URL is for a group site, like the one you've got. It specifies a Post Sale report for one specific auction in the group, with a date of Jan 15th 2016.

You could also leave the date off the end, and it would return ALL days.  Or you can insert /current (see template above) earlier in the URL to get the report for the currently active sale event.

Another example

Let's build a Pre Sale report that returns results for the active sale event this week